Embodying the 12 Steps: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for Freedom from Addiction

The science of Naad Yoga has such a profound effect on us, and yet we know very little about the technology behind the experience. In this workshop we will explore the resonance of sounds within the body, bringing awareness to the Naad (sound current), thus empowering our voice and mantra practice. Can we explore meditation from the yin counterpoint of deep inner stillness?

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There are dry addictions like shopping, overeating, and even something like social media (Instagram or Facebook). Women especially, but many men also, learn to hold in their stomachs. The result is a constant tension and continual blocking of our internal source of power. This is the area where our digestion and elimination Facts About Aging and Alcohol National Institute on Aging is regulated. When we create stress by holding in our stomachs and have a negative attitude toward this part of our body, we interfere with our normal biological functioning. It is simply the spiritual practice of allowing your divine energy, coiled at the base of the spine, to expand to your chakras.

What Does Science Say about the Role of Meditation in Addiction Treatment?

There is some high level of Buddhist meditation, transcendental meditation, and awareness meditation to become happier, calmer, and deep dive into the present moment. By meditating and calming your mind, you can find solace from any anxiety or worry that rattles you. When you have a good amount of positive chemicals in your body, that leads to less craving the addictive substances. This benefit is that it will help your body work more efficiently. The toxins also lead to the accumulation of substance abuse in our brains and body. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that regulates brain-reward circuitry and is fundamental in addiction.

In particular, she’s committed to helping decrease stigma around mental health issues. With thousands of techniques to choose from, Kundalini meditation can get a bit complicated. If you’d like to use it to address a certain concern, a teacher can offer guidance on specific techniques. According to the theory behind Kundalini meditation, life energy lies at the base of your spine (root chakra), coiled like a snake — and that’s where its name comes from. And then there are the side effects of the drugs themselves. Stimulants like amphetamines or cocaine prevent the parasympathetic nervous system from doing its job.

Meditation for Healing Addictions

If you are struggling with addiction, and working on your recovery, meditation is an excellent way to connect with your spirituality. Deep breathing and focusing on your breath for at least a few minutes daily is a great way to start. As thoughts and distractions pass through your mind, you can learn to let them go without attachment. As you focus on your breathing, in and out, visualize the energy concentrated at the base of the spine.

This consciousness and energy can be released by meditation and will flow up through the chakras of the body, expanding consciousness. The Kundalini Yoga practitioner learns to access these endogenous chemicals through use of the breath, body, and mind. Most practitioners find the experience of Kundalini Yoga to be what they were actually after, and so the attachment to recreational drugs (if there was one) weakens on its own.

Kundalini Meditation: Can It Help Me To Recover From Addiction?

Actually the addictive power is a spiritual necessity and gift. I believe we were given this quality to be able to hold on to our experience of God. The best day to begin any regime or Sadhana to break or make new habits is the New Moon. I have personally experienced that it is much easier to keep up and actually succeed when I start a fast on the New Moon. Yogically, forty days is the amount of time it takes to break a habit.

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Kundalini Yoga advances the spiritual quest that Alcoholics Anonymous finds integral to recovery so it serves as a good supplement to the 12 steps. In this sense, the practice is a mental health tool which teaches a person to put time and distance https://accountingcoaching.online/arrest-of-boston-sober-home-operator-raises/ between themselves and their impulses. This pause between urge and action actually encourages the brain to rewire and helps establish new behaviors. Addicts learn how to calm and soothe themselves without resorting to substance abuse.

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